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Rachel Collar - Wardrobe Stylist, Closet Consultant
I am a Wardrobe Stylist, Closet Consultant, and bringer out of the box! I am a wife, a mother and an artist who uses fashion as my medium in creating a feeling, a style or an impression. Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite hobby has been playing dress up. My dolls sported every combination of styles. When I ran out of doll clothes, I began improvising looks with tube socks, fabric and ribbons. I am now living my dream of building confidence through fashion.
I shop, I research, I test, I consult, and though I believe in quality and investing in ones personal appearance, I also believe in recycling, repurposing, and the thrill of finding a good deal or a new trick to get the most out of your wardrobe. I believe no one is exempt from the joy of fashion and discovering your personal style. Your outward appearance is a reflection of your inner beauty and deserves your attention. I can help you rediscover the joy of getting dressed!
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